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    Note: registration for SEAHOP 2013 is closed. Thanks to all of the teams that signed up; we should have quite the competition this year!

    So what's SEAHOP?

    SEAHOP, a.k.a. the Seattle Epic and Awesome Hunt O' Puzzles, is a team puzzle-solving competition that takes place in greater Seattle area. 2013 will be its third year. Teams will gather to solve all manner of abstract and obscure puzzles faster than their opponents.

    When will SEAHOP take place?

    The next SEAHOP will take place on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. It will begin at 12:44:26PM, because that way the date is half the time. The competition will end one hour from when the first team has solved the meta-meta-puzzle for the hunt, or at 1:00AM early Sunday morning (whichever comes first).

    On Sunday afternoon after SEAHOP, there will be a party to congratulate the winners, and to discuss the various puzzles and how each team did. (Details TBD.)

    Is there a fee to compete?

    Yes, there will be a per-player fee of $10 to compete. The fee will be collected at the beginning of the hunt, and will help pay for hunt materials and after-party supplies.

    Where will it take place?

    The location of the SEAHOP kick-off and wrap-up are TBD. However, the majority of the work will take place wherever teams want; it makes sense for everyone to go back to whatever workspaces they prefer, for both productivity and privacy reasons. Because there will be a local kick-off and wrap-up, as well as puzzles involving local landmarks, you should be located in the area in order to compete, but if one or two players on your team are remote, and the rest are still easy driving distance from Seattle, then that's okay.

    Can anyone participate?


    So how is it set up, exactly?

    At the beginning of SEAHOP, each team will be given a small number of puzzles to work on. Each puzzle has a definite answer, which will be a word or name in English. You'll relay your answer to the SEAHOP HQ, who will then unlock more puzzles for you if you get that puzzle correct.

    Puzzles will be divided up into four groups--Round 0, Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. Once you've solved enough puzzles in one round, you can begin to work on the metapuzzle for that round. (Read more about metapuzzles here.)

    Solve the metapuzzles for each round in order to get information to complete the meta-meta-puzzle. Solve the meta-meta-puzzle, and you win the competition! If no one has solved the meta-meta-puzzle by 1:00AM early Sunday morning, the competition will end, and the team with the most puzzles solved (with metapuzzles counting for triple points) will be the winners.

    How large can teams be?

    Up to 6 people. No more than 6 people, please.

    Can I use The Google?

    Oh my gosh yes. I can't imagine that you could do very well at this competition without using the internet extensively. You may also feel free to "phone a friend" to ask for specific pieces of information, but only have up to 6 people actually working on your puzzles.

    Are there any prizes for the 1st place team?

    SEAHOP winners will be invited to help write puzzles for next year's hunt. They will also be awarded a SECRET MYSTERY PRIZE. That they will receive the undying respect of their puzzle-solving peers is assumed as a matter of fact.

    Where'd you get the idea for SEAHOP?

    It's pretty much a one-day version of MIT's Mystery Hunt, adjusted to be a little bit more noob-friendly.

    How should I prepare? What should I expect?

    One of the best ways to prepare might be to review the puzzles for SEAHOP 2010.

    So how do I sign up?

    Sorry, registration for SEAHOP 2013 has been closed.

    I have some questions that aren't answered here. Like for example: Can I help write puzzles? Can I help test-solve/proofread puzzles? Can my pet goldfish be on my team?

    For these questions and many more, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , the main SEAHOP organizer.

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