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    Crowd at SEAHOP 2010 kickoff

    SEAHOP 2010 took place on Saturday, December 11th, 2010. It began at 10:11:12AM (because that way the date/time were a palindrome (12/11/10 10:11:12), and palindromes rock).

    The hunt consisted of two rounds of puzzles, which collectively contained 15 puzzles (including an initial run-around) and two meta-puzzles.

    Check out the puzzles for the hunt here! (Solutions to each puzzle can be found by going to solution.txt in the puzzle's directory.)

    11 teams participated in SEAHOP 2010:

    • Bulky's Bulk Food Emporium Sales Staff: Ben Wiggins (captain), Andy Lovseth, Tyler Kinley, Moses Rifkin
    • Math Party: Dori McGuire Guy (captain), Rachel Honsowetz, Robert Petroski, Watson Sallay
    • Oh God We Need a Name?: Clayton Hughes (captain), Nick Hahn, Mike Lee, Tom Jones
    • Pending Legal Clearance: Julian Chunovic (captain), Tom Johnson, Eric Smith, Bill Steinmetz
    • Pokemon Puzzle League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Forrest Smith (captain), Derric Williams, Cody Flynn, Gautam Vasudevan
    • Quadrature: John Jensen (captain), Danielle "Six" Booth, Greg "Business" Raab, Jason "V Pocket" Viterna
    • Super Eating at House of Pancakes!: Matt Anderson (captain), Alex T. Yopp, Nik Blahunka, Tony Ricciardi
    • The Graphics Club: Stanlo Slasinski (captain), Heather Nakama, Steve Rabin, Aaron Rabin
    • Winners: Mike Beach (captain), Brad Rasmussen, Cody Luitjens, James Ross

    The hunt was won by "Oh God We Need a Name" at 1:00AM with 1180 points, followed in a close second by "Math Party" with 1170 points.

    Thanks to everyone who competed!


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